Clare Daly and Mick Wallace lodge High Court proceedings against RTÉ

Cases lodged by Independent MEPs on Monday concern alleged defamation

Independent MEPs Clare Daly and Mick Wallace have lodged separate High Court proceedings against RTÉ. Both cases concern alleged defamation.

The proceedings were lodged on Monday and both MEPs are represented by Dore and company solicitors. However no details about the allegations being made have been released.

Both MEPs have recently been in the public eye for their statements on the war in Ukraine.

Ms Daly, an MEP For Dublin, has recently been critical of EU sanctions against Russia, telling the European Parliament last week: "The EU instead of promoting peace and acting in the interests of the people of Europe to Ukrainians, the EU citizens and, yes, the Russian citizens too has become a tool of Nato and the military industrial complex.


“What is needed is an end to the conflict, an end to militarism, a ceasefire and a negotiated settlement.”

Last month Ireland South MEP Mr Wallace said that Ukraine is being used by the United States and Nato to undermine Russia.

Mary Carolan

Mary Carolan

Mary Carolan is the Legal Affairs Correspondent of the Irish Times