Wear Zoolander and James Bond's trousers

Want clothes that look good and that last? There’s one man to go to

What's pink on Rod Stewart, navy on Leonardo DiCaprio and turquoise on Stephen Fry? Tom Cridland trousers, that's what. This young tailor has been designing since the age of 18 and believes in quality clothes that are not only stylish, but that are made to last. The idea seems to be catching on too as James Bond (Daniel Craig) and Zoolander (Ben Stiller) have also worn his classic navy chinos (€112). Cridland is leading the way in sustainable fashion, just this February having released his "30-year Jacket" (€251). The jacket does exactly what is says on the tin, and comes with a 30-year guarantee, as does his 30-year Sweater (€82). tomcridland.com