Christmas with . . .

Gavin James, singer-songwriter

Where is the only place you want to be this Christmas?

Home in my mam and dad’s in Dublin.

Guess who’s coming to Christmas dinner?

My whole family and all my friends’ families – it’s always mental in my gaff at Christmas.


Who’s your fantasy Christmas dinner guest?

If I had My Way, my ultimate fantasy Christmas dinner guest would be Frank Sinatra.

What gives you that Christmasy feeling?

The one thing that will give me that Christmasy feeling is the Coca-Cola TV ad.

Christmas week – chilled out or stressed to the max?

No stress but I always leave the Christmas shopping till Christmas Eve.

What’s your well-established Christmas routine?

Guinness on Christmas Eve, fry-up on Christmas morning, a nap, then dinner, followed by another nap, followed by Guinness, of course.

What Christmas tradition do you keep to without fail every year?

Pints of jelly for dessert.

What’s the Christmas chore you least look forward to?

Doing the dishes.

What’s the Christmas event you most look forward to?

The Christmas Eve busk on Grafton Street. [The annual event, in aid of the Simon Community, is led by Glen Hansard, and features such stars as Bono, The Coronas and Hozier].

What’s on your Christmas playlist?

A lot of Michael Bublé and Fairytale of New York about 1,000 times.

What really annoys you at Christmas?

When all the stuffing has gone.

What do you really really want for Christmas?

To be back home in Dublin.