Weather-proof hair products for voluminous locks

Volume starts at the root, so a shampoo suited to your hair type is essential

It can be challenging to knock a bit of volume and definition into a head of Irish hair. This is nothing to do with the hair, really – it’s more the climate. Whether you have a full head of textured curls or coils, or fine, straight hair that won’t hold a style past lunch time, damp, capricious weather will usually result in annoying flyaways and a certain amount of limpness at roots or ends.

Thankfully, there’s a lot that you can do with products to mitigate the impact of changeable weather as we shuffle gratefully into spring.

For those with oily hair, flatness at the root is a perpetual trial. We all know that volume starts at the root, so a shampoo suited to your hair type is essential to thoroughly cleanse away sweat, sebum and product build-up.

I've lamented my own oily roots since adolescence and found Redken Amino Mint Shampoo (€22 at and salons nationwide) good. In my experience, no shampoo will change the tendency of your hair toward oiliness, but some are much better at leaving hair feeling clean and light than others. This leaves my hair shiny, soft and full of natural movement.


Not all dry shampoos are created equal either, and while they're generally used to give you an extra day or two between washes, the right one can also ratchet up the volume. Klorane Dry Shampoo Volume (€11.50 at pharmacies nationwide and is really lovely – the French brand has always excelled at dry shampoo, with its super-fine powder texture that doesn't leave residue once massaged in. This one bashes some lift back into tired hair or can be used on clean hair for a more intense volume boost.

Living Proof Full Dry Volume and Texture Spray (€32 at must be used to be believed, frankly. The volume it gives hair is incredibly impressive, but you have to use it as instructed. Section clean, dry hair and then spray the product generously from roots to mid-lengths, You'll suddenly look as though your hair has doubled in mass. If you love a textured look, spray a bit more through the ends to finish.

Ghd Curve Thin Wand (€159 at is more versatile than it may appear. It serves the traditionally underserved curly hair market – if you have type 3b or 3c curls, this will be an invaluable tool – but it can also be used by those who don't enjoy natural curls to achieve some. For the naturally curly, this tool will quickly refresh the top layer of your hair if curls are lacking the definition you'd like after several nights' sleep, inclement weather or being tied up for a workout.

If you have straight or fine hair, a whole head of voluminous curls might be slow work to build from scratch with a thin wand, but is a beautiful special occasion style and will last for days with the right products.

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