Skincare: should we treat our bodies like our faces?

There is a very welcome trend for ingredients-led body care products right now

The care we put into our body is a direct reflection of our relationship with it. At least, I certainly find this to be the case with my own. When I am feeling connected to my body in “a positive, conscious way”, I am more aware of its needs, more grateful for the array of things it can do and more inclined to nurture and care for it.

When I am in a good place with it, my body ceases to be something to sate, silence or ignore, but that relationship is permanently in flux for most of us; we don’t always recognise our own bodies, let alone like or appreciate them.

When I’m not feeling good in that department, a beauty product is certainly not a solution – the problem is more than cosmetic. However, simulating the behaviours that we automatically engage in when feeling appreciative of our bodies – like moving, eating for nourishment, practising good hygiene and caring for our skin – can help us to regain that positive association.

There is a very welcome trend for ingredients-led body care products right now. Skincare for the body has traditionally been either largely focused on fragrance and texture, or of the more perfunctory but uncomfortable, clunky or inconvenient pharmaceutical problem-solving type. Now, hybrids are becoming more available as the industry translates its knowledge and technology for the skin on our bodies.


Necessaire is a much-hyped US skincare brand focusing on body care. The formulations are elegant and effective, and the brand prioritises strong ingredient profiles and sustainability.

The Body Wash Eucalyptus (€30 at Space NK) is a perfect product to open the day with – fresh, non-stripping or drying on the skin, and beautifully silky. It is part of a wider profile of body care products which contain ingredients like niacinamide, which are generally relegated to products designed for the face.

Caudalie Vinotherapist is a lovely everyday skincare range with a solid ingredient profile. The body products incorporate shea butter for moisture and hyaluronic acid for hydration. I keep Vinotherapist Hand & Nail Repairing Cream (€12 at by my bed. It has a beautifully rich but not slimy texture, and I haven't had the usual winter issues with tight, itchy skin on my hands since I began using it.

For something totally unfragranced and really convenient even for actively irritated skin, apply Eucerin Aquaphor Body Ointment Spray (€19 at pharmacies nationwide).

It goes on in seconds and acts like a raincoat for your skin, holding moisture within and helping to restore its natural barrier, but also contains glycerin. If you find you have a tendency to react to skincare designed for the body, this is ideal.

If you enjoy a rich fragrance, Nivea Body Souffle Coconut & Monoi Oil (€9 at pharmacies nationwide) has a sort of warm-weather holiday fragrance and a whipped, almost fondant texture. It feels lovely to apply and is a really affordable option that feels good to use.

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