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Your top stories on Monday: Left-wing vote surge blocks far right in France; domestic violence sentencing changes adopted

Here are the stories you need to start your day including; Looser mortgage lending rules linked to Irish house price surge, and Earth 1.5 degrees above preindustrial average for 12 months

Cork’s Ciarán Joyce and Shane Kingston celebrate after their victory over Limerick in the All Ireland Hurling semi-final. Photograph: Inpho/Ryan Byrne

French elections: Surprise left-wing vote surge blocks far right

France faces a hung parliament and the prospect of taxing negotiations starting today to form a government, after a surprise left-wing surge blocked Marine Le Pen’s quest to bring the far right to power.

The leftist New Popular Front (NFP) emerged as the dominant force in the National Assembly after Sunday’s election, but with no single group securing a working majority the possibilities include the NFP forming a minority government or the building of a broad, unwieldy coalition.

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