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‘Where Ye From?’ review: A divine comedy that gives voice to the voiceless

Dublin Fringe Festival 2022: Growler’s multifaceted and, at times, mesmerising performance aims to heal past traumas

‘Where Ye From?’

Chapel Royal, Dublin Castle

Growler is an “82-year-old shamanic vulva from the Liberties”, and she is casting her spell in Dublin Castle’s Chapel Royal. Arriving with her mystical shopping trolley and feminine talismans, using a combination of comedy, spoken word and song, she presents a multifaceted and, at times, mesmerising performance in sacred surroundings.

The show aims to present a divine, furious and feminine history of Ireland, and in this it clearly succeeds. Alongside her musical and saintly companions, Growler uses familiar mythical and lyrical structures to remind her audience of the power of the feminine, imploring her audience to remember those whom history has forgotten or undervalued.

The performance relies on the contrast between the subject matter and the space to create an interesting tension, and there is something powerful about reclaiming feminine history amid the chapel’s ornate Christian architecture. Although at times suffering from a lack of structure, “Where Ye From?” has buckets of potential and heart. Strongest in its midsection, this energetic ensemble piece delivers a truly holy show.

Runs at Dublin Castle until Wednesday, September 14th, as part of Dublin Fringe Festival