The Juan Maclean: In A Dream

In A Dream
    
Artist: The Juan Maclean
Genre: Electronic
Label: DFA

When you take a minute to assess John MacLean's back catalogue, you realise that the DFA stalwart has been in the game for quite some time. Over the years, he and cohort Nancy Whang draw out a distinct space for themselves as purveyors of anthemic house and techno. Opening track here A Place Called Space belongs in that box too, a track powered by a Moroder-esque groove. Elsewhere, the pair mix and match the old and the new to great effect on a set of electro- pop tunes which neatly balance nostalgia and futurism. Whether it's the drama which Whang articulates on A Simple Design or the way moods are drawn and evoked on Love Stops Here and You Were A Runaway.