Ten Irish music gems you may have missed in 2017

A lot of music has come out so far in 2017, so you might have missed these great tunes - you should catch up now

David Keenan - Cobwebs

This Dundalk singer-songwriter is a classic storyteller, one man and his guitar giving it to the world as he sees it. Cobwebs, is the 23 year-old’s debut single on his own label, guided by production hand of John Reynolds (Sinead O’Connor and Damien Dempsey) backing him and there’s a salt-of-the-earth charm to his deameanour.

Brooding pop: Galway singer Laoise

Shee - Señor Blues

Killarney-based David Sheerin released a dance track last year that made its way onto the soundtrack for


A Date For Mad Mary

. His first of 2017, on Tronic Sessions label, under the name Shee, had a Daft Punk-esque French Touch feel.

Floor Staff - Saviour

Fans of Bell X1 will dig the latest release from Anthony Donnelly’s solo project Floor Staff.


is a sophisticated alternative pop song and Donnelly even sounds a bit like Paul Noonan.


is taken from

The Convictions


Joshua Burnside – Tunnels Pt.2

Adept at delivering the singer-songwriting stripped-back set the full-band arrangements, the Northern Irish Burnside released a full-length EP in May inspired by the sights and sounds of Colombia, where the album was recorded.

Tunnels Pt.2

brandishes that exotic influence with frisson for a kinetic alt-folk trip.

Laoise - Halfway
After grabbing 177,000 plays for her debut track YOU, Galway singer Laoise dropped the Seán Behan-produced smooth London Grammar-esque brooding pop of Halfway with touches of jazz and soul. 55,000 Spotify plays later and the song still deserves more attention.

Super Silly - Not Ready To Leave

Ireland’s R&B and hip-hop scene continues to bring the heat and Super Silly are one of those bands responsible for the fire. New single

Not Ready To Leav

e is a suave and sophisticated modern R&B, soul and pop track that feels like the beginning of a new wave.

Niamh Regan - Tried To

Pastoral folk of times past, and from artists such as Karen Dalton and Laura Marling, is the style at play on Galway singer-songwriter Niamh Regan’s recent EP highlight.

Touts - Sold Out

Pressing play on

Sold Out

is as close as a 21st century kid will ever get to understanding the thrill that their parents got at their age when they put the needle on the record of a 7” single from The Clash or The Undertones. Following in Sharkey and Co's footsteps, Derry band Touts deliver a short-sharp burst of Strummer-soundalike punk to jump around a messy bedroom and play air guitar to.

RUTH - Off My Mind

Conjuring imagery of sunny carefree sojourn with a Lana Del Rey attitude, Kerry’s RUTH amps up the drama and basks in the pleasure of leaving that gombeen in your life behind.

Ganiyu TLG - Shivers feat. Huva

Ganiyu first teamed up with the Dublin experimental hip-hop/electronic producer Plant Food last year on the Nancy Sinatra-sampling


. The pair are at it again on


, a song that has a grime vocal lean and a beat that sounds like its constructed of water droplets.