God Knows & mynameisjOhn: Rusangano/Family

Fri, Jul 18, 2014, 00:00



God Knows & MynameisjOhn

Self release

Hip-Hop & Rap

We’ve been waiting a long time for an album to showcase the smarts of Clare producer John Lillis and Shannon rapper God Knows. They describe Rusangano/Family as the work of a Zimbabwean Christian and an Irish pagan created over a pot of tea, but such broad brushstrokes hardly do justice to its excitement, energy, innovation and lyrical realism. In God Knows we have an MC capable of deep thought and expression; he addresses issues such as identity, growing up and inclusion with raw soul and nimble humour. Lillis works the grime, bass and electro beats like a man possessed, creating brassy storms as backdrops for Serious and turning things inside out for Raise the Bar and Habbakuk. Certainly groundbreaking, potentially game-changing and righteously grandstanding.

Download: Serious, Standard, Raise the Bar