Young Magic


Melt Carpark****

Young Magic are going to need a bigger box for their musical creations. The Brooklyn-based Australian trio are very much an act who require widescreen settings to keep sounds – which they rather grandly say were collected and recorded across the globe – in check. What you get with Melt, then, is a record very much of its time as it jumps from chillwave to hip-hop to downbeat house blissout without ever missing a step. Isaac Emmanuel and friends have clearly borrowed notions from a bunch of sources (Flying Lotus here, Animal Collective there, Tanlines over yonder), but their sleek, slinky sound never comes across like a mere pastiche of those influences. Instead, from the magnetic You With Airto the fresh, bubbling, moody wash of Sparkly,Young Magic cast spells that are full of ideas – and enticing enough to have you stick around for more.

Download tracks: You With Air, Sparkly