Weinstein accused of sexually assaulting 16-year-old model

Former film producer threatened Polish teenager in 2002, court documents claim

Harvey Weinstein is accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old Polish model in New York, according to amended legal documents.

The alleged victim, identified only as Jane Doe in court papers, said she agreed to meet the film producer for a business lunch in 2002 while trying to boost her acting career.

Instead, she claims Mr Weinstein took her to his Manhattan apartment and "wasted no time in aggressively and threateningly demanding sex", despite knowing her age.

Mr Weinstein denies all allegations of non-consensual sex.


The legal document, amended on Wednesday to add the latest accuser’s allegations to that of nine other women, states: “He told her that if she wanted to be an actress, she would have to be comfortable doing whatever the director told her to do – including losing her inhibitions and getting naked.

“He then instructed Jane Doe to take off her clothes. Terrified and struggling to hold back tears, Jane Doe said she would not and resisted his demands. Jane Doe was a virgin, and had no intention or understanding when she agreed to a business lunch that she would be put in this alarming position.

"Weinstein threatened and pressured Jane Doe, saying that he had 'made' the careers of Penelope Cruz and Gwyneth Paltrow, and that neither would be working without him."

According to the amended document, filed at the New York Southern District Court on Wednesday, Mr Weinstein then placed the model's hand on his penis.

She then left the apartment after an argument with the producer, it is claimed.

Mr Weinstein is said to have pursued the model for the next decade, offering her an extra role in a film in 2004. Despite the offer, she alleges she resisted his demands for sex.

Instead, she endured “nearly a decade of sexual harassment and emotional abuse” which left her depressed and made her anorexia worse, the document states.

Doe is the 10th woman to join the lawsuit against Mr Weinstein, the Weinstein Company and Miramax, accusing them of assault, battery and racketeering.

The suit alleges the companies were aware of Mr Weinstein’s conduct and enabled it by paying victims off.

Benjamin Brafman, Mr Weinstein's lawyer, called the latest allegations from Doe "preposterous".

Mr Weinstein is charged with rape in New York. He denies all allegations of non-consensual sex.

Mr Weinstein was one of Hollywood’s most powerful producers before dozens of women – including many high-profile actors – came forward to allege he had sexually assaulted them, with accusations ranging from inappropriate touching to rape.

His downfall led to the rise in prominence of the #MeToo movement as well as to a wider debate about the treatment of women. – PA