Waterford Whispers News predicts the headlines of 2020

The editor of Ireland’s most popular satirical website looks ahead so you don’t have to

Using a sophisticated news-prediction algorithm that is too complicated to explain here, Waterford Whispers News, Ireland’s most popular satirical website, gives its predictions for the year ahead.

  • A general election will force politicians on to the streets to meet a whole bunch of awful poor people. Sick of 10 years of degradation facilitated by woeful leadership and spineless opposition, the defiant public will vote for more of the same, please.
  • Conor McGregor will roundhouse a 57-year-old grandmother during a heated argument while coaching a team on Ireland's Fittest Family.
  • Climate change will enter the "I tried to tell you, but you wouldn't listen, would you?" phase.
  • In a plot twist no one saw coming, the housing and health crises will carry on undisturbed by political action.
  • The country will be treated for referendum withdrawal syndrome.
  • Houses will remain scarce, rents high and homelessness depressingly normalised – but, in better news, Dublin will get a rooftop ice bar that charges €22 for a gin cocktail.
  • Ireland will remain the best little country in the world for multinationals to do business in and pay f**k-all taxes.
  • Chocolate bars will shrink yet again and you'll just sit there and take it lying down.
  • The year will be dominated by Great Gatsby costume parties and references to the Roaring Twenties, because, good God, we're awful creatures devoid of any real creativity or originality.
  • In November Donald Trump will be entrusted by the voters of the United States to oversee its final four years of democracy.

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Colm Williamson created Waterford Whispers News in 2009 as a hobby. WWN now has more than 644,000 Facebook, 205,000 Twitter and 60,000 Instagram followers, with four million page views a month. He still runs it from his home in Co Waterford