100-year-old drama festival takes place in Dundrum

Feis Maitiú embraces drama, improvisation and storytelling

Former winner Deirdre O’Kane. File photograph: Cyril Byrne

Former winner Deirdre O’Kane. File photograph: Cyril Byrne


Feis Maitiú Drama Dublin has marked another successful staging for 2017 at the Mill Theatre in Dundrum.

The festival, which a leading event for drama and poetry has settled into its new home in Dundrum after its move from the Father Matthew Hall, Church Street.

Feis Maitiú was founded by the Capuchins more than 100 years ago, embracing drama, improvisation, storytelling, verse speaking, mime and Shakespeare recital; and allows performers to present their work before adjudicators who assess, encourage and inspire young actors.

As the longest running festival in Ireland it has contributed to the cultural life of generations of Dubliners. Previous winners include well-known actors Peter Coonan; Andrew Scott, Kate Stanley Brennan, Deirdre O’Kane, and Una Crawford O’Brien.

The following are this year’s prize winners: Cup Winners: Fr. Leonard Memorial Record Cup & Bursary: Kevin Maher. Peter Martin Memorial Trophy: Declan McEntee. Mime Cup: Pearl Sweetman. Potential Cup: Caoimhe Blaney Shorte. Padraig Pearse Recital Cup: Rachel Coote. Apprentice Shakespeare Cup: 1. Hannah O’Grady; 2. Conor Hosien; 3. Lara Mulgrew. Joan Cuthbert Cup: 1. Sorcha O’Connell; 2. Michael Lucey; 3. Caoimhe Murphy. Sean O’Casey Cup: 1. Hannah Brady; 2. Nessa Molumby. Junior Shakespeare Cup: 1. Harry Pender; 2. Penny Morris; 3. Louis O’Dowd. Lily Kavanagh Comedy Cup: 1. Matthew Boyle; 2. Aoibheann Murray; 3. Cormac Kelly. Senior Shakespeare Cup: 1. Hannah Brady; 2. Nessa Molumby; 3. Saoirse Carey. Ena Mary Burke Cup: 1. Caoimhe Murphy; 2. Penny Morris; 3. Aileen Brannock.

Drama: Duologues U-10: 1. Millie Gaynor & Slyvia Lane; 2. Amy Cullen & Anneligh Keane; 3. Patrick Gaynor & James Whitty. Duologues U-10 1: Eloise O’Connor & Catherine Leahy; 2. Elliot Krantz & Aaron Ryan; 3. Angus Oliver & Jago Hurley. Duologues Under-10: 1. Caoimhe Cullen & Ailbhe Cullen; 2. Aisling Smith & Phoebe Horgan; 3. Laura Whitty & Chloe Miller. Duologues U-12: 1. Eleanor Lewis & Eva McGloin; 2. Sadie Dargan & Ella Murphy; 3. Shann Kenny & Ryanna Slattery. Duologues U-14: 1. Oisin Murray & Eoin McCormack; 2. Eleanor Leen & Beth Johnston; 3. Sophie O’Sullivan & Andie Walsh. Duologues U-14: Briana Armstrong & Nessa Molumby; Tess Morgan & Juliette Slattery; 3. Fionn O’Regan & Anna Budds. Duologues U-16: Clodagh Evans & Hannah O’Grady; 2. Feena Lane & Laura Pendleburg.

Storytelling: Mark Power. Solo Mime U-8: 1. Alex Byrne. Solo Mime U-10: 1. Freya Long. Solo Mime U-12: 1. Pearl Sweetman; 2. Grace Heaney; 3. Poppy O’Malley. Solo Mime U-14: 1. Oisin Murray; 2. Andrea Crowe; 3. Oliver Grant; 4. Fionn Flanagan. Solo Mime O-14: 1. Epiphania Andrews; 2. Clodagh Evans; 3. Penny Morris. Solo Drama U-10: 1. Mark Fitzgerald; 2. Kate Troy; 3. Ellen Brosnan; 4. Mabel Hurley. Solo Drama U-10: 1. Freya Long; 2. Eloise O’Connor; 3. Hugh Brosnan. Solo Drama U-10: 1. Joe Mulgrew; 2. Daniel Patterson; 3. Elliot Krantz. Solo Drama U-10: 1. Emily McEntire; 2. Niamh Fallon; 3. Ciara Mason. Solo Drama U-10: 1. Issy O’Neill; 1. Stephanie Dorman; 2. Rebecca Fegherty; 2. Louise Foy; 3. Katie Mai Leonard. Solo Drama U-12: 1. Ellie Nolan; 2. Sarah Kelly; 3. Anna Harold. Solo Drama U-12: 1. Charley Culleton; 2. Aoife Copeland; 3. Sophie Fearon. Solo Drama U-12: 1. Malcolm O’Loughlin; 2. Ella McDermott; 3. Lucy Patterson. Solo Drama U-12: 1. Nathan Whitty; 2. Alanah Miley; 3. Ella Corcoran. Solo Drama U-14: 1. Colm Aherne; 2. Maeve Conroy; 3. Rachel Cullen. Solo Drama U-14: 1. Sean Dillon; 2. Emelia Devlin; 3. Eoin McCormick. Solo Drama U-14: 1. Niamh Edgar; 2. Senana Delargy; 3. Lara Mulgrew. Solo Drama U-14: 1. Gavin Jennings; 2. Laura Pendleburg; 3. Jacob Lea. Solo Drama U-16: 1. Claire Stuart; 2. Caoimbe Blaney Shorte; 3. Leah Coughlan. Solo Drama. U-16: 1. Penny Morris; 2. Katie Edgar; 3. Aoife Kavanagh. Solo Drama Over-16: 1. Gabrielle Lefeu; 2. Sarah Kavanagh; 3. Caoimhe Gaughan.

Poetry: Poetry U-5: 1. Saim Byrne; 2: Lydia Deegan. Poetry U-6: 1. Anna Maria De Vallier; 2: Sadie May McHale; 3: Peter McDonagh. Poetry U-7: 1. Luke Dillon; 2. Mary Cecelia Henderson; 3.Leia Murphy. Poetry U-8: 1. Isabella Fullerton Healy; 2. Isobel Ross; 3. Lucy Coleman; 4. Declan McEntee. Poetry U-9: 1. Tara Connelly; 2. Molly Mae Foley; 3. Emily McEntire; 4. Erika Howard Lehane; 5. Diarmud Kenny Dee. Poetry U-10: 1. Jago Hurley; 2. Phillipa Lucey; 3. Ciara Mason; 4. Eilish Croke. Poetry U-11: 1. Emily Oprisan; 2. Katie Smyth. Poetry U-12: 1. Turlough Dineen; 2. Emily Leonard. Poetry U-13: 1. Rachel White.

Poetry U-15: 1. Molly Conway. Poetry Over-15: 1. Sarah Dunleavy.