Gayle in the witness box, rising trade tensions; and loophole catching lawyers

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On her second day of testimony in the civil trial of her husband Sean Dunne in the United States, Gayle Killilea faced a blizzard of emails appearing to show Mr Dunne effectively running the US property development company she says she owned and operated. Christopher Hoffman was there for The Irish Times.

On the wider world stage, China ignored warnings from President Donald Trump about the perils of retaliating to the $200 billion tariff clampdown he announced Friday. It has announced new higher tariffs on $60 billion worth of US goods, further ramping up tension in a burgeoning trade war, and making stock markets nervous.

Back home, more than 2,700 British solicitors registered with the Law Society in the wake of the Brexit referendum to ensure they could continue to operate at the European Court of Justice and in other areas of EU-related law after British leaves the EU. Now it appears they might not be able to after all. Colm Keena has the details.

Another group missing out could be those calling Europe from the UK. New rules, announced yesterday, cap the price of phone calls between EU states to 19 cent a minute before VAT, and at six cent per text. But if you’re not in...

Trump nominee Brett Kavanaugh bolstered a growing reputation as the new swing vote on the US supreme court as he sided against the conservatives in ruling that iPhone customers could sue Apple over the 30 per cent commission it charges developers who want to sell apps through its App Store – backing the argument that Apple’s “walled garden” for apps is anti-competitive.

STT, the company that provides security on the Luas, claims it has been unfairly left out a Transdev tender bid to continue running the Dublin tram service. Now it has gone to court.

As Slack announces its plans to joins the market, it looks like 2019 is shaping up to be the year of the unicorn. But as Uber struggles to make any headway following its Friday IPO, Proinsias O’Mahony urges investors to play their hand cautiously.

And, with self-employed people finally getting access to the dole later this year, Fiona Reddan asks whether they should pay more in PRSI if they want the same access to welfare benefits as PAYE workers.

Finally, Laura Slattery casts an eye over the waters rising around ITV and examines its prospects as an independent broadcaster in an ever more competitive media world.

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