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ESRI on house prices and corporation tax, Eirgrid warning, homeworking overhaul

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The ESRI’s latest report has a lot of fascinating detail. For one, the think-tank reckons home prices may be overvalued by as much as 7 per cent, and it says plans to overhaul the global corporation tax system could result in firms paying more tax here. That contrasts with the Government’s projection of how the reforms could reduce the State’s tax take. Eoin Burke-Kennedy has both stories.

The energy crisis and the question of whether Ireland will have power cuts this winter isn’t going away. As Barry O’Halloran writes, a new report from Eirgrid warns of a power supply squeeze in the months ahead.

Aer Lingus executives told an Oireachtas committee the airline is seeking compensation from an IT provider over a tech meltdown that hit thousands of passengers last month. Barry was there.

Staying with aviation, Ryanair is objecting to Dublin Airport operator DAA’s plans to build a tunnel under a runway there, warning it could lead to higher passenger fees. Gordon Deegan has the details.


If it’s Autumn there’s a good chance a lot of us are upgrading to the newest and smartest smartphone. Karlin Lillington says the damage of upgrade season extends far beyond people’s wallets.

The European Union clinched a deal on a new sanctions package on Russia which includes a long sought for oil price cap, Naomi O’Leary writes.

The Construction Industry Federation is warning rising costs will mean fewer homes are built next year, and as Dominic Coyle reports, CIF say the newly announced levy on concrete blocks as part of the mica redress scheme is “out of step” at a time of rising prices.

There could be changes coming to the proposed law around an employee’s right to ask for remote working, Cormac McQuinn reports. Tánaiste Leo Varadkar told an Oireachtas committee that the Government plans for revision that “departs quite farfrom the original proposed legislation.

Dermot Desmond and his companies are now owed more than €30 million by his geomapping company, eSpatial Solutions. Mark Paul has the details.

The Section 481 tax credit is aimed at boosting the film industry in Ireland, but as Laura Slattery reports, an Oireachtas committee heard that potential flaws in how it is constructed mean actors and production staff may not always get fair payment.

Tesco has long been a behemoth of the supermarket industry but as Ian Curran reports, its sales fell last year.

Spotify has bought Dublin-based Kinzen to help the Swedish streaming giant identify “emerging threats” on its platform. Laura has the story.

Where does the Irish commercial property market stand? Is the boom of the last few years drawing to an end? Ian Curran has seen reports from three Dublin brokers that may help answer that question.

Unemployment remained at a two decade low in September, but as Ian Curran reports, youth unemployment increased for the second month in a row.

Cantillon asks if Ireland does better out of Big Tech than if we were an actual shareholder in the likes of Facebook parent Meta or Apple, while also casting an eye over the latest ESRI report on the state of the economy.

Ciara O’Brien reports on how bluetooth tags — sold as a way to keep track of your keys or bag — and other tech designed to make our lives easier have been utilised for much darker purposes.

Neil Briscoe asks if a breakthrough has been found in battery technology for electric vehicles.

Finally, Ciara reviews the new Reno8 Pro 5G smartphone from Oppo and the just released second generation of Apple’s AirPods Pro. Are they all they’re cracked up to be?

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