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UK consumer information organisation Which? warned of security vulnerabilities in the Furby Connect toy.

Smart toys such as Furby Connect and My Friend Cayla have been making headlines over the past few years but for all the wrong reasons. UK consumer inf(...)

Apple Arcade was unveiled last month at the TV+ event. Photograph: NOAH BERGER/AFP/Getty Images

Apple is spending hundreds of millions of dollars to secure new video games for its forthcoming Arcade subscription service, according to several peo(...)

SuperAwesome founder and chief executive Dylan Collins. Photograph: Alan Betson/The Irish Times

SuperAwesome, the London-based “kid tech” company established by Irish tech entrepreneur Dylan Collins, has raised a further $13 million (€11.5 millio(...)

Learning by building: Lego in bygone  days was a dedicated building toy with just a few different brick sizes to work with but plenty of room for imagination and the creation of something different each time. Photograph: Getty

How many of your children aged up to about 10 or 12 found a games console, smartphone or similar piece of electronic wizardry under the Christmas tree(...)

The Lego A/S store in Copenhagen, Denmark, says it has to prioritise certain language versions and is not able to provide information in every language. Photograph: Luke MacGregor/Bloomberg

Toy-making giants Lego and Playmobil are facing legal action by the government of Catalonia for failing to include the region’s language in the packag(...)

Dylan Collins says laws such as the children’s online privacy protection Act (COPPA) in the US and its European cousin GDPR-K, which both legally prevent data capture on kids, are triggering a seismic structural change in the internet

Future generations will look back in astonishment at the lackadaisical attitude shown towards protecting children’s privacy online in recent years, ac(...)

Making the China connection

Kepak Kepak Group is a family-owned and innovative meat company with a rich heritage of more than 50 years of meat craft. From the establishment of a(...)

Storage facilities for Lego bricks at the Lego House in Billund, Denmark: Each day, the facility churns out about 100 million “elements” –  bricks, trees and doll parts. Photograph: Carsten Snejbjerg/The New York Times

At the heart of Billund, Denmark, lies a building that is a veritable temple to the area’s most famous creation, the humble Lego brick. It is filled w(...)

Bioplastic Lego: the new parts can be recycled many times but are unlikely to be 100 per cent biodegradable

The first Lego pieces made from plant-based plastic will go on sale this year, the company has announced. The 85-year-old Danish toymaker said product(...)

Dylan Collins, founder of Super Awesome.

SuperAwesome, the London-based “kid tech” company established by Irish tech entrepreneur Dylan Collins, has been valued at $100 million after recordin(...)

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