Changing back at Tuam


Tuam GC is unique in Connacht golf. The Galway club granted equal status to women in 1992 and a small number of women associate members took up the option. However, having tasted life in the previously male-dominated area of full membership, they have all returned to the associate category.

Lady captain, Fionnuala Kearney is happy with the way the women are treated in Tuam at the moment.

"Some of our ladies took up the option of full membership in 1992 but transferred back the following year. They saw no real benefit for paying the higher subscription just for a vote. The ladies have no representation on the Management Committee or vote at the annual general meeting. However, we are represented on all sub-committees with the exception of the Finance Committee.

"The ladies are treated well in Tuam Golf Club. There are open time sheets every Saturday and Sunday, so, as far as playing the game is concerned, the ladies have the same playing rights as the men.

"While the ladies in Tuam are happy, we would be supportive of anyone wishing to transfer to full membership of any club.

"The ladies' subscription in Tuam is £160, against £220 for full and £255 for family. So leaving out the vote, we get good value for our money."

Kearney, however, does see the day that equal rights will be granted to all. "If we are going to be in the 21st century in a few years, we should act as if we are. Except for the odd occasion during the holiday season, the first tee runs smoothly in Tuam, with plenty of time for all to enjoy their game of golf," she says.