White-water rafting in Dublin city centre


Sir, – It seems extraordinary that Dublin City Council continues to pursue a plan hatched by senior officials for a €25 million white-water rafting facility in Dublin’s northeast inner city.

This proposal was not contained within Kieran Mulvey’s 2017 plan Creating a Brighter Future for the area, nor is it mentioned in the current Dublin City development plan.

Mr Mulvey rightly pointed out that the local community is wary of false dawns.

Bottom-up initiatives are better than solo runs by senior officials.

The white-water proposal seems aimed more at stag and hen tourism than at tackling the deep-seated structural challenges of the area.

It is likely to be privately run, have high maintenance and energy costs, and only be available to local people by invitation.

An alternative would be to encourage outdoor swimming by raising the water level in George’s Dock, and improving the water quality.

This would benefit local people and attract visitors all year round. It would also tie into the area’s long history of outdoor swimming.

Restoring George’s Dock would complement the built heritage of the Docklands and reflect current thinking in continental Europe. With the resurgence of outdoor swimming, I have no doubt it would be well used.

Pursuing glossy projects with high entrance costs is questionable, but improving outdoor swimming facilities for local people and visitors, with no barrier to entry makes far more sense. – Yours, etc,



The Green Party –

Comhaontas Glas,


Dublin 7.