Tubridy's comments on breastfeeding


A chara, - Mr Ryan Tubridy's metaphor comparing the act of breastfeeding in public to "taking a piss" in public (The Panel, RTÉ2, Oct 25th) was both vulgar and reductive.

If he is looking for similarities, both are normal, natural, physiological acts.

While the latter is purely private, the former is a symbiotic union between a mother and her baby which transcends the physiological, gratifying nutritive, cognitive and emotive needs also. Hence, a very social act.

But let me assure you Mr Tubridy, all breastfeeding mothers I know do so in a very discreet, comfortable manner.

Wouldn't it be more appropriate to reflect on the miracle of the human body and its ability to sustain life? - Le meas,

DENISE DEIGHAN O'CALLA GHAN, Carrickmacross, Co Monaghan

Madam, - The promotion of breastfeeding with images of exposed breasts is misguided (and in the case of formula companies probably mischievous).

That fine-art imagery is not a true depiction of the art of breast-feeding as most of us would practice it.

The practical method is to lie the baby across the lap and let it slip its head in under mother's jumper.

"Is she or is she not feeding?" Only baby knows.

In a black polo neck, for example, a mother is a lot less exposed than a woman guest might be on a chat show such as Tubridy Tonight.

But that's show business! - Yours etc,

E.QUILL, Bray.