Trump’s Twitter outburst


Sir, – Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt called Donald Trump’s nasty tweets about four Democrat congresswomen “totally unacceptable” and “un-British”, but bluntly refused to label the US president racist (“Trump’s tweets about congresswomen draw international condemnation”, News, July 15th.

Mr Trump will correctly see their limited condemnation as yet another sign of Britain’s desperation to do a quick post-Brexit trade deal. He’ll ruthlessly exploit any perceived British weakness.

In truth, either Tory leadership candidate will gladly do a disastrous deal with the US after becoming prime minister, as long as it happens quickly. They both need a fast agreement to reassure a nervous UK electorate that Britain can still reach the “sunlit uplands” it was promised after leaving the EU. – Yours, et,

JOE McCarthy,

Arbour Hill,

Dublin 7.

A chara, – Yet again we see how unfit the present incumbent in the White House is for the job he temporarily holds. His racist and xenophobic Twitter attack on four women in Congress was despicable and vile.

Three of those women were born in the United States, and the fourth one has been an American citizen for a longer period of time than Melanie Trump. – Is rise,




Sir, – Donald Trump’s recent racist remarks aimed at four Democratic women in Congress are not an uncommon occurrence in the US. I was born in Ireland and came here in 1982 and have refereed soccer in New York for a number of years. I have been told more than once by players and spectators alike to go back to where I came from. Not so long ago I give a player a red card, and as he was leaving the field, he told me to “go back to Ireland, you f***ing immigrant”.

Donald Trump is playing to that type of person, of which unfortunately there are too many in the US. – Yours, et,



New York.