Travelling to New Zealand


Sir, – Kate McDonald in “The Irish in New Zealand” (Weekend, December 4th) states, “At the moment, only citizens are allowed to travel in and out of New Zealand”. This is not the case.

Nobody has ever been legally prevented from leaving New Zealand. Passenger flights come in and out every day. Residents, not just citizens, can return if they have the budget and patience to book an MIQ (managed isolation and quarantine) spot. Thousands have left and the reason MIQ spots are hard to get is because too many of them want to return!

Some non-residents are admitted with permanent or temporary work visas. Medical professionals, Hollywood crews and Russian fishermen are among those who have got in and out through this route.

Jacinda Ardern’s government recently announced a clear plan to reopen its borders to tourists in 2022. The only thing that may prevent that is the failures of other countries to control their outbreaks.

So, for anyone wishing to visit New Zealand next year, the ball is firmly in your Government’s scrum.

– Yours, etc,



New Zealand.