The benefits of grass-fed beef


Sir, – Pasture-reared and grass-fed beef is a better product than beef produced on a beef lot. It usually contains less total fat than grain-fed beef but a lot more omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins and CLA which are linked to greater health benefits.

Also, cattle living in their natural environment and eating a natural diet are much happier and healthier. It is a longer and more expensive process than the beef lots where cattle, living in very close quarters, are fed on a concentrated diet to fatten up and improve meat yield quickly.

Are individual farmers that produce top quality beef on family-owned farms being paid the same rate as the feed lots? Is the beef that is being produced on feed lots being marketed by Bord Bia as “grass fed” beef? Do the beef processors separate the beef from the feed lots from the beef that is reared on pasture?

We need clarity on these issues. – Yours, etc,


Arklow, Co Wicklow.