Addressing the housing crisis?


A chara, – Once again we have the cheerleaders for the financial sector (spokesperson for Brokers Ireland, Cantillon, December 5th) urging that in order for would-be purchasers to overcome the rental trap they should be able to borrow more than the current Central Bank rules allow. Rules which are themselves designed to prevent unsustainable borrowing.

It is clear that the solution to the housing crisis does not lie in an approach which would increase borrowings which would further fuel price increases. What is required is a fairly extensive State-led targeted programme to build affordable homes/apartments which are then sold to owner occupiers at realistic prices.

It is a nonsense to suggest that we can solve this issue by plunging buyers into further debt. We tried this the last time and look what happened. If this is the best solution that spokespersons for the financial industry can come up with then they would be best advised not to say anything at all. Is binn béal ina thost. – Is mise,


Sandyford, Dublin 18.