School’s out


Sir, – In ordinary and happier times, if a student or member of staff had read on the eve of the last day of term, as the sun shone gloriously, that not all students would be able to return to school full-time in September, there might have been a secret shriek of joy and delight in some quarters.

Alas, on the official last day of term the thought of maybe not being able to reunite with our school communities in September fills us all with a sense of loss and sadness.

There is already a poignancy in schools across the country today because we haven’t been able to hold our traditional end-of-year rituals and celebrations or say a warm farewell to our students and staff in person.

We miss them greatly.

They have endured a lot in the last 11 weeks and must be commended for their commitment, courage and resilience. They have already secured their place in Irish education’s hall of fame, and we thank them. – Yours, etc,


Deputy Principal ,

Loreto Secondary School,


Co Wicklow.