Role of Opposition

Sir, – I identify with the points made in Stephen Collins's "We are making the same old mistakes about inflation" (Opinion & Analysis, February 18th).

There is no constituency in Irish politics for those who favour a calm, considered approach to the challenges of the day.

It is the role of the Opposition to challenge the Government and seek the best outcome for the population. But it seems that the current Opposition will argue against anything the Government is trying to do, irrespective of its benefits.

This clearly leads to polarisation, something we need less of, and makes it more difficult for observers to form an objective opinion on the matters of greatest concern to them.


I believe that short-term political objectives appear much more important to the Opposition than the best long-term interests of our country.

It is very clear what the major issues facing us today are.

As a senior citizen, I’m very concerned about the Ireland we are leaving to future generations.

We have a responsibility to them to have more reasoned debate with greater concentration on those matters that really matter, with the objective of achieving the best outcome for all of us.

Future generations will judge us all, irrespective of which political party we support. – Yours, etc,



Co Dublin.