Raising the bar at rugby matches


Sir, – A number of correspondents have highlighted the apparent inability of some rugby supporters to watch a match without ferrying trays of pints back to their seats and annoying their neighbours. I have experienced this myself and wonder why people would miss big chunks of important games for the pleasure of a pint (less spillage) in a plastic glass.

Surely the simple solution is for stewards to prevent people bringing drink back to their seats. Dispensations for certified alcoholics could be permitted. For the rest, I recommend a good pub. Not only can you watch the full game but if you ask the staff nicely they will deliver your drink to your table and spill almost none of it. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 7.

Sir, – Perhaps Phil Coulter is to blame for this objectionable behaviour by so-called rugby fans. It certainly gives a whole new meaning to “Ireland’s Call”! – Yours, etc,