Public transport: Give up yer aul seats


Sir, – I sympathise and agree with Lauren Burke (August 23rd) that common courtesy and basic good manners seem to have disappeared from modern prosperous Ireland.

Recently I, a senior citizen with a hidden disability, had to request a young lady, occupying one of the designated seats for physically challenged on a bus, to give it up for an elderly lady standing right beside her. She did and without any requests a couple of other ladies relinquished their seats for other elderly people who were standing.

Lovely banter followed after my request – it reminded me of the Ireland I used to know. Maybe, the time has come for more designated seats for those in need on public transport. Anyone in need of one of those seats ought not to be afraid or embarrassed to ask young able-bodied passengers – including school children who occupy those seats especially during peak hours of travel – for that seat.

I sincerely hope that all of us will be considerate towards fellow passengers in need of seats and help them out.

By the way, I have also observed on few occasions standing older women passengers turn down the offer of seats by considerate and courteous ladies and gentlemen. No doubt they have their own reasons! – Yours, etc,



Co Dublin.