Policing Authority and spit hoods


Sir, – The issue of spit hoods, which have been used sparsely and under strict supervision and control by An Garda Síochána, seems to have dominated the meetings of the Policing Authority (News, October 15th).

It’s all very well sitting in your ivory tower but when was the last time, or first time, this oversight committee went out with our frontline gardaí and experienced what they experience?

Dealing with drunken or drug-fuelled violent spitting offenders is never easy, and gardaí need to protect themselves, as well as the offenders.

Isn’t it time the Policing Authority toned down its criticism and rhetoric and instead, during this unprecedented health crisis, encouraged safety for all, including those who serve us? – Yours, etc,


(Retired Garda Sergeant),


Co Donegal.