Local property tax makes sense


Sir, – Senator Victor Boyhan claims that the LPT needs to be reformed, “with more flexible options and opt-outs for those with very low household incomes, as the current local property tax is unfair in that it takes no account of people’s income or ability to pay” (July 24th).

Isn’t that an income tax? In an ideal world property taxes help stabilise local and central government receipts, provide an incentive to not occupy inappropriately large properties and help ensure that the asset-rich, income-poor individuals pay their fair share.

Dublin has far too many under-occupied family homes while working parents commute large distances and barely see their children.

Is it really too much for Mr Boyhan to ask himself who really deserves a break – propertied pensioners or struggling families?

Ireland’s property tax is laughably low by international standards; in a normal country, parties of the left advocate for redistribution while in Ireland they argue against it. No wonder we have a housing crisis. – Yours, etc,



Co Dublin.