Oversight and the children’s hospital


Sir, – Is the huge cost increase in the children’s hospital project not an outward sign of an inward problem? Is it but the tip of the financial control mechanism iceberg in our Government? Accountability for escalation of costs of the hospital fiasco is essential. However, even more important is the assessing of the competence of the relevant departments to properly set up the financial management of government projects, big or small, in this country. – Is mise,



Dublin 6.

Sir, – Does the Government really expect us to believe that it was unaware of the cost overrun on the national children’s hospital a year ago?

The electorate deserves more respect that this. – Yours, etc,


Dublin 14 .

A chara, – Fianna Fáil TDs Micheál Martin, Barry Cowen, Stephen Donnelly and Michael McGrath are falling over themselves to criticise the Government’s incompetence in trying to build a hospital for under €2 billion. These TDs are angry, as we all are, at the huge overspend, but yet for some inexplicable reason Fianna Fáil is still willing to supply confidence in this Government!

With its inaction, Fianna Fáil is now demonstrating incompetence of its own as the main party of Opposition. So rather than pontificating, why don’t these Fianna Fáil TDs take action and fire this Government for gross negligence?

Seriously, what will it actually take for Fianna Fáil to actually lose confidence in this Government? – Is mise,


Dartry, Dublin 6.