Children’s hospital and FG accountability


Sir, – For a very long time, Fine Gael has positioned itself, with some justification, as the party of fiscal rectitude. As taxpayers, we could trust the party with our money.

That reputation has been shattered with the children’s hospital debacle. We all are behind having a world-class hospital for our children, and no-one who is criticising this massive overspend is saying otherwise. However, the irresponsible way in which this Government, and Fine Gael Ministers in particular, have blithely allowed the cost to increase on a gargantuan scale is not acceptable.

Regrettably, while Fine Gael is showing that it cannot be trusted on finance, it is also demonstrating that “accountability” is not in its vocabulary. – Yours, etc,



Co Westmeath.

Sir, – I contest Kevin O’Sullivan’s letter to the editor (February 5th) suggesting that it is the children who appear to be running this children’s hospital fiasco. Children have much more black-and-white moral thinking than “adults” and would not lower themselves to such bureaucracy. Perhaps putting children in charge would be exactly the solution that’s needed! – Yours, etc,



Dublin 16.

Sir, – It says it all about the culture of impunity that pervades the civil and public service and the political system when news of the Taoiseach’s belated concession that individuals may be held accountable for massive cost over-runs on the National Children’s Hospital merited headline treatment across the media, including The Irish Times (“Individuals may be held accountable over cost of hospital”, February 4th).

Unless accountability is individual, it is meaningless, and unless there are consequences arising, there will be no end to the recurring, scandalous mismanagement of taxpayers’ money. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 6.