Gluten-free dining


Sir, – Conor Pope’s article on gluten-free dining is a timely reminder that restaurant owners need to ensure that their serving staff are educated in the importance of gluten-free food for genuine coeliacs (Pricewatch, May 1st). As the spouse of a person with a coeliac condition, I can assure you that even the slightest hesitancy by a server to appreciate the importance of gluten-free food not only puts a damper on the occasion, but the stressful meal that follows ensures that we will never return to that restaurant again.

Conversely, we have found a number of restaurants where the menu firmly states that gluten-free versions of most dishes are available, and where the servers show a genuine understanding of the coeliac condition, thus ensuring our return there.

It would also be helpful if your dining out journalists would include comments of the availability of gluten-free food in the restaurants they review. Indeed, we would be delighted to accompany them on such a review. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 14.