EU ombudsman and Jean-Claude Juncker


Sir, – EU ombudsman Emily O’Reilly worries that European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker may have “risked undermining public trust by failing to follow procedures” when appointing Martin Selmayr as secretary-general of the Commission last February (“Emily O’Reilly criticises Juncker over aide’s move to top job”, News, September 4th).

Ms O’Reilly found at least four instances of “maladministration” in the promotion that did not follow the rules “either in letter or in spirit”.

Of course, neither Mr Juncker nor Mr Selmayr will face any censure for ignoring protocol or for the “defensive, evasive and at times combative” response to questions about this latest in-house appointment.

And fortunately for them, neither will ever have to face the wrath of voters (beyond their select friends in the European Commission chamber) either.

While I can’t speak for the plain people of Ireland, I can assure Ms O’Reilly that, as far as this particular member of the public is concerned, Mr Juncker has not “undermined” my trust in the European Commission’s ability to follow protocol, reform itself or act in a vaguely accountable manner – any such trust having evaporated a long time ago. – Yours, etc,


Dublin 3.