Eir customer service

Sir, – We contacted Eir over 10 days ago as our home wifi was not working. It informed us initially there was no issue but after a follow-up call from us we were informed it was a line fault and were told it would be repaired within two to three working days. It was not, and with four children, one of whom is doing college finals, this is proving very stressful.

I called Eir. Its customer service puts you immediately on hold with a voice message telling you to hold or to go online, but with no wifi we cannot do so. However, a friend did this for me and there was a page error fault! Average waiting time on several follow-up calls is about 25 minutes and still no one can tell me when we will get our problem fixed. Please, Eir, come and fix our wifi before my children all move out! – Yours, etc,




Co Dublin.