Dogs on beaches

Sir, – I can assure your correspondent Igor Cusack (Letters, February 12th) from Greystones, Co Wicklow, that the situation regarding dog droppings on Killiney beach in Dublin is far worse.

Packs of dogs, four or five per walker, are an increasing feature of the beach as dogs have been banned at Seapoint and Sandycove.

Rules on picking up after your dog are policed via the utterly ineffectual “enforcement by sign” policy of our county council.

No doubt, the entirely predictable loss of our blue flag recently is to be followed by an official renaming of our beach to “Crufts-on-Sea”. – Yours, etc,





Co Dublin.

Sir, – I agree with the sentiments expressed by your letter writers. But, in the interests of a rounded 360-degree debate involving key stakeholders, has anyone asked the dogs?

For example, our own madra, Alvin, was wondering why dog owners embarrass their custodians by behaving like idiots, and anyone who has witnessed the piles of poo-filled plastic bags dumped on the top of litter bins might empathise.

Let’s hear from the dogs. – Yours, etc,




Co Dublin.