Coarsening of Irish politics

Sir, – I congratulate Stephen Collin on his superb article which highlighted a very worrying trend in Irish political and media culture ("Coarsening of Irish politics in nobody's interest", Opinion & Analysis, February 14th).

As a nation we like to boast about our wonderful Irish culture, which is so far well justified in most spheres of Irish life. However, if the trend Stephen Collins describes continues, it would seem that we could soon be bordering on mob rule. This is not the Ireland that I was brought up in where basic human decency and respect for others was a given. Politicians and media outlets, whether we like them or not, are significant opinion formers in one shape or another.

Such people have a huge responsibility to be responsible in word and deed.

Your columnist has admirably displayed great responsibility in criticising his media colleagues and one lives in hope that his opinion will not fall on deaf ears. – Yours, etc,




Co Westmeath.