Contraceptives and prescriptions


Sir, – The strident and dogmatic nature of D Vincent Twomey (August 22nd) and his assertion that “If the pharmacist knows that the medication could do physical or psychological damage to the person then the pharmacist is morally obliged not to dispense it” prompts the question as to why it is just the dispensing of contraceptives that exercises him? The fact that the eminent professor fails to also address the issue of the dispensation of alcohol and tobacco by shopkeepers of product that certainly cause immense negative physical and psychological health outcomes individually and to society clearly demonstrates that his real issue is with the right of women to freely acquire contraceptives to control their own health and welfare outcomes without State interference. All medicines are legally cleared for appropriate use before they ever get to the pharmacists’ stores. Any further gatekeeper role on their behalf is redundant beyond advising the correct use or application of the products , if requested to do so by their customers. That is the sum total of their role and not as guardians of anybody else’s perceived moral welfare. – Yours, etc,



Co Galway.