Coal and climate emergency


Sir, – It was interesting to read that Minister for Climate Action Richard Bruton is considering banning new domestic gas boilers in new homes in the next few years in his bid to make Ireland a climate leader. If so, he may well introduce this ban before the long promised ban on smoky coal – a fuel that burns less efficiently than gas, produces three times more carbon dioxide and hundreds of times more particulate matter and other toxic pollutants.

Call me cynical but to me it smacks of “jam tomorrow”; future promises are often easier made than keeping those falling due here and now. The postponement of the smoky coal ban appears to be a feeble capitulation to vested interests following the merest opposition. Meanwhile action to clean the air and improve public health is suspended, like a shiver hanging over the Minister and his officials looking for a spine to run down! – Yours, etc,


Dublin 20.