Cancelled 999 calls


Sir, – Imagine being a victim of domestic violence.

Imagine 999 being the only hope you have.

Imagine your call to 999 being cancelled, while you wait for help. – Yours, etc,



Co Dublin.

Sir, – The response from the Garda Commissioner to the cancellation of thousands of serious domestic violence calls is patently inadequate.

According to your report, “Garda sources said any member of the force who did not follow procedures could be disciplined” (News, June 24th).

However, these are not simply internal disciplinary matters. The failure to investigate a criminal offence which was reported properly constitutes a particularly compelling example of the common law offence of misconduct in public office.

If gardaí do not prosecute wrongdoers within their ranks, how are the rest of us supposed to have any confidence in them? – Yours, etc,



Dublin 3.