Broadband, ‘shopping around’ and tender mercies


Sir, – In a case of what is good for the goose must be good for the gander, it is remarkable that Government representatives can maintain a straight face when informing consumers crippled by insurance premiums to “shop around” for value.

One could be forgiven for assuming such frugal tendencies would prevent the Government from negotiating on the rollout of broadband across the country with just one tendering operator, but apparently not. – Yours, etc,


Dublin 1.

Sir, – In your editorial of February 2nd (“Entrenching a two-speed nation”), you remark that, “People in Dublin and other major centres may not appreciate just how bad the position is in rural Ireland, where access to broadband ranges from patchy to non-existent”. May I tell you that in the Strawberry Beds, Dublin 20, on the banks of the Liffey, we more than appreciate their predicament! – Yours, etc,


Strawberry Beds,

Dublin 20.