An ideological echo-chamber?


Sir, – It is difficult to disagree with the assertion that the media landscape in Ireland is an “ideological echo-chamber” (David Thunder, Opinion & Analysis, August, 22nd).

For almost 70 years, since the foundation of the State, the media echoed to the strains of doctrinaire Roman Catholicism, with all its harsh, exclusionary, divisive, intolerant and damaging results.

The difference now, Mr Thunder asserts, is that it is echoing to the strains of “lazy liberalism” or “progressive” ideas.

The “echo-chamber”, therefore, has undergone a remarkable retuning, perhaps as an equal, and opposite, reaction to what went before.

The echo chamber seems to me to have become remarkably “ideologically diverse”, stretched over decades, a timescale more than familiar to Roman Catholicism.

With any luck, this echo might last another 60 years, as a counterweight to what preceded it. – Yours, etc,