A dying breed of car-chasing dogs?


Sir, – Regarding An Irishman’s Diary, March 29th, I am glad to be able to let Frank McNally know that there is at least one car-chasing “soldier” dog still carrying on the fight out there.

He is not to be seen on country roads but carries on the fight from the relative safety of my family farm in Wexford, which is located a quarter of a mile from the road at the end of what is known rather grandly as “The Avenue”!

In addition to barking madly and being aggressive towards front tyres, he has (most likely from boredom) also added the practice of doing a few chasing-his-tail type pirouettes in between his attacks on the cars that come his way. Most entertaining and a miracle that he is still unscathed by these antics. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 14.