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‘Veil of silence over economic truths’

Lessons for Ireland

Letters to the Editor. Illustration: Paul Scott
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Sir, – Martin Wolf made some excellent points in his article on the UK economy and it struck me that his three suggestions would go a long way to improving the Irish economy also (“UK election draws veil of silence over bitter economic truths”, Business, Opinion, June 12th). The first, to liberalise planning restrictions, would enable large infrastructural projects such as the Metro and new port projects to proceed sooner. Second, to reform property taxation and planning restriction would enable the Government’s housing aspirations to be realised sooner. Third, to encourage a substantial rise in pension savings, which is essential for a population of longer-living citizens, such as we have in a healthier Ireland. As he says for the UK, for us with the upcoming election here next year it is an ideal moment for positive and long-lasting reform to our economy.

It would be good to see something like these ideas in the main manifestos here. – Yours, etc,




Co Dublin.