Ukraine – the price of peace

Appeasing Russia would only invite further aggression

Letter of the Day

Sir, – Your editorial “The Irish Times view on Putin in Beijing: Xi’s vital role” (May 19th) acknowledges that Ukraine’s peace plan requires the withdrawal of all Russian forces from Ukrainian territory, including Crimea. It goes on to state that if Russia is to be included in a peace process, next month’s peace conference in Switzerland must move Ukraine from its current position.

There is, of course, an alternative to suggesting that Ukraine must surrender its legitimate claim to part of its territory as the price of peace. Namely, the surrender by Russia of Ukrainian territory, including Crimea, which it has annexed through war crimes. Appeasing Russia by accepting, as a condition for peace talks, its annexation of any Ukrainian territory would only serve to reward its murderous “special military operation” and invite further aggression.

Ukraine already has one hand tied behind its back by the West, which limits the use of its military support to Ukrainian territory. Let’s not advocate tying Ukraine’s hands as a condition for entering peace talks. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 15.