Policy of military neutrality

Need for neutral, objective and transparent voices

Letters to the Editor. Illustration: Paul Scott

Sir, – Who would have thought that some of the strongest arguments in favour of Ireland remaining neutral would come from the Defence Forces Chief of Staff Lieut Gen Seán Clancy? (“Neutrality helped Ireland land top EU military role, Defence Forces Chief says”, News, May 17th).

According to Lieut Gen Clancy, Ireland’s neutrality helped him gain the European Union’s most senior military role because military neutrality was appreciated by the other members of the committee. “Otherwise, if they had different views, I would not have been elected.”

He further believes that being outside Nato gives Ireland a “transparency and objectivity” that will help him achieve a consensus among the members of the committee.

His logic of the need for neutral, objective and transparent voices when dealing with conflict neatly summaries the need for Ireland to remain a neutral country.


It certainly dispels the foolish nonsense coming from those who argue that Ireland should join Nato. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 15.