Podcast: How will Hillary Clinton ‘come out of the woods’?

This week’s podcast features veteran Clinton reporter Amy Chozick

Former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton has said she may be ‘ready to come out of the woods’. Photograph: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

After her bruising defeat in the US presidential election, Hillary Clinton, one of the most scrutinised women in history, told a St Patrick's Day event last week she may be "ready to come out of the woods".

On this week's podcast we talk to Amy Chozick, a New York Times reporter who has written about Clinton's career since 2007.

She talks about the real Hillary Clinton as she observed her, the popular misconceptions that hindered Clinton’s pursuit of the presidency, and what kind of future she may have planned.

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Declan Conlon

Declan Conlon

Declan Conlon is head of audio at The Irish Times