Warning Ireland could become police state


CALL FOR NO VOTE:A GERMAN vitamin millionaire who believes the EU is run for the benefit of the pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries has called on Irish people to vote No.

Dr Matthias Rath, through the Dr Rath Health Foundation, is distributing a six-page leaflet to homes in Dublin which claims that a Yes vote will result in the militarisation of Europe and see Ireland turned into a police state.

“What is at stake is the takeover of the economic, social and even private lives of the European people by corporate interests – namely, those in the chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industry – or the preservation of democracy, liberty and freedom.”

Only a No vote, Dr Rath claims, can prevent Europe being turned into “an Orwellian dictatorship on behalf of the oil and drug cartel”.

Dr Rath accuses The Irish Times of misinforming its readers on Lisbon and concealing information by its failure to publish an advertisement from the foundation in January 2008, before the first Lisbon Treaty referendum. The advertisement claimed that corporate interests which financed the Nazis were engaging in a second attempt to control Europe through the EU.

An Irish Times spokesman said the advertisement was not carried last year because it did not conform to the normal criteria governing publication.

The foundation describes itself on its website as a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving human health through research, education and “the defence of patients’ rights to choose natural health therapies”.

Dr Rath has made a fortune selling nutritional supplements, and claims vitamins and minerals can cure cancer, heart disease and other major diseases. However, his theories on curing cancer have been disavowed by the Swiss Study Group for Complementary and Alternative Methods in Cancer.