UK teachers threaten strike over 10% pay rise


The National Union of Teachers says it will strike if an immediate 10 per cent or £2,000 sterling pay rise for all teachers is not met.

The result of the vote on salaries, announced on the final day of the NUT's annual conference in Bournemouth, was another victory for the union's Far Left.

The union has backed a boycott of national tests for seven, 11 and 14-year-olds and threatened strikes if privatisation of education threatens their jobs and pay.

"Ministers, not teachers who walked out over poor pay and heavy workload, should be condemned as it was their failure to end the recruitment crisis that was to blame," said NUT general secretary Mr Doug McAvoy.

Teachers have also threatened refusing to cover for colleagues absent for more than a day, a move that if implemented could force thousands of schools on to four-day weeks.

Meanwhile, further one-day walk-outs in London over cost-of-living allowances could be staged if the Government refuses to give ground.

However, Mr McAvoy said no strikes were imminent as the NUT would continue to concentrate on its workload campaign. It has threatened to ballot its 220,000-strong membership in the autumn to impose unilaterally a 35-hour week, alongside the Association of Teachers and Lecturers.

The National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers will debate an identical resolution to that passed by the other unions at its conference in Scarborough.

Mr McAvoy declared: "It's not the teachers who took strike action who should be condemned. It's the Government and previous governments which, by ignoring the teacher shortages crisis unfolding before it, deprives thousands of pupils of their right to be educated every day, every week, every term, by properly qualified teachers."