The world media view looking in


Ireland's economic crisis remains front page news for the world's media. Below are some snapshots on how the press sees us.

Sweeping Irish Aid Package in Works. Senior European officials laid the groundwork for an Irish bailout that could reach $136 billion, saying experts would examine the country's finances amid alarm about the dire straits of the Irish banking system - Wall Street Journal

Irish Obstinacy Unsettles the Euro Zone - Spiegel

Debt crisis team heads for Dublin: Osborne says UK ready to stand by Ireland - Financial Times

European finance ministers have arrived in Brussels for a meeting, with the issue of a possible bail-out of the Irish Republic still top of the agenda - BBC

Irish prime minister Brian Cowen will not seek help from the European Union emergency parachute [but] the ministers of finance of the euro area are nevertheless preparing an emergency plan. Fresh money could come from outside the euro zone, from Great Britain - Suddeutsche Zeitung

Eurozone debt crisis: EU officials sent to Ireland. Officials from the European Union and the European Central Bank are to visit Ireland to prepare the ground for a possible bail-out of the country's banking sector - Telegraph

The EU and the IMF prepares a plan to help Ireland. The talks will have to be completed rapidly, and Dublin must decide in the next few days if it wants help, said the leader the euro group, Jean-Claude Juncker - Le Monde

George Osborne – UK will help Ireland through debt crisis - Guardian

Pressure Grows on Ireland to Accept Rescue From Europe. The Irish government was locked in discussions on Tuesday night over a financial rescue package intended to support Ireland’s failed banks - The New York Times